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Computype logo. Computype library labels have been used in libraries for over 30 years. Our expertise started with barcode labels for books, magazines, assets, etc. Today we offer a wide variety of library labels and label printers including pre-printed barcode labels, spine label printers, spine labels, CD/DVD labels, patron cards, and other forms of label printers to help libraries keep track of their collections. We've worked closely with libraries big and small around the world to help make their labeling process more efficient.

Why libraries like working with Computype:

  • Benefit from over 30 years of library expertise and responsive customer service.
  • We maintain the library's sequence history and prevent duplicates.
  • Order small quantities in just one week.

Barcode Labels

Our High Performance Barcode Labels are printed with our DigiTek process using a high quality archival label material and an aggressive 2 mil adhesive that will bond to all common library surfaces. A heat seal over-laminate is also used for added image protection and provides a permanent bond to the label material. We can also add color to your labels at no additional charge giving you the ability to color-code such things as a particular branch in your library system.

Minitex Pricing

Single Labels

Sample Barcode (Type 5700). Price: Call for pricing
Minimum Order: 3,000 labels
Format 5700
Codabar Mod 10
Actual size is 1.9 X 0.65 inches

Double Labels

Sample Barcode (Type 5600). Price: Call for pricing
Minimum Order: 5,000 labels
Format 5600
Codabar Mod 10
Actual size is 1.9 X 1.0 inches
Same as 5700, but includes an extra number tab.


  • Shipping is by FedEx Three Day service directly from Computype to the library. Be sure to provide a shippable address. No P.O. Boxes please.
  • Shipping is $10.50 per order.
  • The average weight per thousand labels of Format 5700 is 0.75 pounds.

Stock Types

The choice of sheet or roll stock does not affect price, although it does impact minimum order size.

  • Sheet stock and roll stock labels are priced the same on a per label basis. Do not mix an order. Only one type of stock per order.
  • Sheet stock is 11.75 X 8.0 inches.
  • The minimum order for sheet stock is 3,000 labels. Any order quantity for sheet stock above 3,000 is acceptable.
  • Format 5700 on sheet stock, is in landscape format with six labels across by 12 labels down, or 72 per sheet.
  • Format 5600 on sheet stock prints with 48 labels per sheet.
  • Format 5700 is produced in rolls of a thousand labels. Format 5600 is produced in rolls of five hundred labels.
  • Format 5700 labels requested on roll stock must be ordered in multiples of 42,000 labels (for example: 42,000; 84,000; 126,000). This is a requirement because the printing process actually prints a roll 42 labels wide, which is then slit into 42 rolls of a single label width.
  • All Roll Format labels must be ordered in multiples of 27,000 labels (for example: 27,000; 54,000; 81,000).

Custom Labels

Custom labels are also available in Codabar, Code 39 and Code 128. Options include adding art such as an image of the library building, or logo and colored paper or printing. Author / Title / Call number information can also be accommodated on "smart labels". Naturally, customization requires a custom quote, and in some cases, the library will have to supply a sample data file.

Prices per piece for new formats/layouts will not change as long as the overall label size stays the same. However there is a one-time $250 setup charge for custom design/art/layout.

Contact Tim Peters at Minitex for more information.

Contact Information

Minitex Contact

Tim Peters
15 Andersen Library
222 21st Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55455-0439
Toll Free: 800-462-5348
Phone: 612-625-9527
Fax: 612-625-3569

Vendor Contact

Computype Corporate
2285 West County Road C
St. Paul, MN 55113-2567
Toll Free: 800-328-0852
Phone: 651-633-0633
Fax: 651-633-7122


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