Frequently Asked Questions: Minnesota Library Storage (MLAC)

Who can deposit items in MLAC?

Items are accepted from public, academic, and governmental libraries in Minnesota.

When are deposits accepted?

After we have been notified, items are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis throughout the year.

What can be deposited?

  • Items must be important but low use.
  • Items must be free of dust and mold and in suitable condition for use.
  • Items must have bibliographic records available online.
  • Only paper format is accepted at this time.

Who owns items deposited into MLAC?

Ownership is retained by the depositing library.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost to the depositing library except for the cost of shipping items to MLAC.

How are items shelved in MLAC?

Items are sorted by size and shelved in trays. Each tray has a location number that is added to the item's record.

Who can use items in MLAC?

Items are available for use to all residents of Minnesota. As a general rule, periodicals do not circulate except to the depositing library.

What if we want something back permanently?

Contact us, we are happy to return items needed by the depositing library.

Do you accept multiple copies?

As a general rule, yes; but we may limit the number of copies of journal volumes.

MLAC: A Virtual Tour

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