Information Technology (IT)

The Minitex Information Technology staff provides innovative, proactive, and collaborative solutions that achieve the organization's goals while actively exploring emergent technologies in anticipation of future needs.

Sarah Anderson

Sarah Anderson. I love my job. My role in workstation support allows me to meet everyone at Minitex, help find solutions to their problems, give people new equipment, and show them how to use it. I also get to do a bit of development; I create more efficient processes and make tasks easier. It's rewarding to make work easier for people and find better ways to do things. Another big, fun, and creative part of my job is working as a video editor. Check out the Minitex Minutes videos!

I've been working at Minitex since 2000. I started as a student in the Minnesota Library Access Center (MLAC) and worked my way into the technology unit starting in 2008.

Scott Hreha

Scott Hreha. As Minitex Web Services Coordinator, I'm responsible for nearly all of the websites hosted by Minitex: the main Minitex website, MnKnows, the ELM Portal, and AskMN. I've also done customization work on the MnLINK Gateway, and I designed and continue to maintain the Minnesota Digital Library site.

My career at Minitex started in 1996 as a student library assistant, working in the verfication area of the unit formerly known as Document Delivery. From there, I worked for a few years as a full-time library assistant before moving into my current position. Though I work primarily in ASP.NET, I can also hold my own with PHP and other web programming languages. I have a particularly strong interest in CSS layouts and website usability.

Matt Niehoff

Matt Niehoff. My time at Minitex started in 2011 when I was hired to work on the Help Desk for the MnLINK Gateway as a part of Resource Sharing. With degrees in History and Latin under my belt I looked to expand my knowledge and finish out a partially completed Computer Science degree by taking classes part-time.

In the Summer of 2014 those part-time classes paid off and I landed a split position in IT maintaining and enhancing Windows applications used by Resource Sharing. That has since become a full-time position while I take my last classes in a Computer Science major that will wrap up in May 2015. Most of my work currently involves developing a new WPF application from the ground up that will integrate various internal tools used by Resource Sharing staff to support interlibrary loan.

Link Swanson

Link Swanson. I joined Minitex in 2012 as Web Programmer and Linux Server Administrator. I have a strong background in web development with an emphasis on practicality, business outcomes, and user experience. I have worked in a variety of industries, including transportation, higher education, and as a software consultant for several Fortune 500 companies.

My first job in technology was as a student web content manager at the University of Minnesota, Duluth Library. I also worked in my high school and community college libraries, doing more traditional library jobs such as shelf-reading and circulation desk.

No relation to Paul Swanson, in case you were wondering.

Paul Swanson

Paul Swanson. After receiving my History degree from the University of Minnesota, I joined Minitex in 1994 and started out as a student processing Interlibrary Loan requests. Eventually I moved into a full-time position working in Document Delivery. While working there I went back to school and received my Computer Science degree and switched positions into Technology. Over the years I worked my way through all the different computer roles such as workstation support, web design and programming, Windows and Linux server administration, and database design.

Now I have been concentrating in Windows desktop programming over the past four years or so. I wrote our MEDD scanning and article delivery program, as well as other applications to help us track Interlibrary Loan and Reference requests, and E-Resource orders and subscriptions.

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