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Quick Summary

The Minnesota Libraries Lead (MNLL) Planning Team, a group of library staff from across the state, has been discussing several societal challenges that impact libraries: disinformation; diversity, equity, and inclusion; distance learning, and the digital divide. The team is gathering input, via a short survey, from library staff at all levels (frontline staff, directors, and anyone in between) in order to develop a plan to address these challenges.

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Text courtesy of the Minnesota Libraries Lead Planning Team.

During the Covid pandemic, libraries rose to the occasion to provide services in new and unprecedented ways. The pandemic also provided an opportunity to reflect upon how we, as library staff, respond to societal challenges and a unique opportunity to lead the library profession forward.

A statewide team of library staff has been discussing several societal challenges that impact our work: disinformation; diversity, equity, and inclusion; distance learning, and the digital divide. In partnership with NCXT, we plan to host sessions to discuss how Minnesota library staff prepare and respond to these challenges. Out of these discussions, a statewide plan to address these strategically will be developed.

Your voice is a critical part of this iterative process. We want to hear from library staff at all levels - frontline staff, directors, and anyone in between. It’s quick! It will take 5-10 minutes to complete.

Click here to take the survey.

We plan to use this survey in three significant ways:

  1. To collect baseline data on how these issues are currently being addressed
  2. To build a list of library staff who are interested in these topics
  3. To provide one of multiple ways to include library staff voices in the development of a statewide plan

The survey has two sections. The first section does not ask for any personally identifiable information. Grouped responses from the first section will be shared on the project website. In the second section, if you indicate that you are interested in upcoming conversations, we ask for your personal information. Your responses in the second section will be kept confidential to the members of this project and will help us ensure that we include your voice throughout the process. 

Please complete the survey by Friday, July 30. If you have questions about the survey or the project, please contact Verena Getahun ( or Tami Lee (Tamara.L.Lee@CO.RAMSEY.MN.US).

Please watch for opportunities to join upcoming conversations on these topics.

With gratitude,

Minnesota Libraries Lead (MNLL) Planning Team

  • Cassy Leeport, Bemidji State University
  • Erica Ross, Mayo Clinic Libraries
  • Jody Gray, University of Minnesota
  • Johnna Horton, PALS
  • Maggie Snow, Minitex
  • Margaret Stone, Dakota County Library
  • Michele Leininger, Marshall-Lyon County Library
  • Sara Swenson, Edina High School
  • Sarah Villanueva, Thief River Falls Public Library
  • Tami Lee, Ramsey County Library
  • Verena Getahun, State Library Services

Written by

Zach Miller
Head of Communications