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Quick Summary

Join us as we go through the free, self-paced Media Landscapes: 23 Things curriculum this summer! You can start at the beginning, or hop on any time. This week, we are on Thing 7: Disinformation, Misinformation, Malinformation.

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Bad information. It's everywhere, but it's not all the same. Do you know the difference between the different types of bad information? You can test yourself here!

To put it simply:

  • Disinformation is false information that is created and spread to cause harm. 
  • Misinformation is false information that is spread without the intent to harm. 
  • Malinformation is true information that is spread to cause harm. 

This week in Thing 7, we will examine each type in more detail, take a look at some practical examples to help you understand and identify them, and grapple with difficult questions such as what we, as librarians and educators, can do to stop the spread and what role social media should play.

Written by

Linda Mork
Reference Outreach & Instruction Librarian

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