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Quick Summary

Join us as we go through the free, self-paced Media Landscapes: 23 Things curriculum this summer! You can start at the beginning, or hop on any time. This week, we are on Thing 8: Critical Thinking.

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Truth in information and perception of information have been important ideas in all of the Things so far. These concepts are helpful to becoming digitally literate, but perhaps the most important tool in your bag of tricks is the ability to think critically about what you see, read, and hear.

Critical thinking is how we think about particular things at a particular time. It is all about asking questions in order to analyze, evaluate, and create something new from our thinking. No one thinks critically all the time. Our critical thinking is affected by many things, including our emotions. Impulsive decisions may be the result of happiness, excitement, fear, anger, or other emotions. But, you can learn some techniques for improving critical thinking. 

This week in Thing 8, explore how you can become better at being a critical thinker, and how it applies to our overarching theme of digital literacy. 

If you missed the Media Landscapes webinar Critical Thinking and Evaluating Information with Lisa Hinz, you can watch it here.

Written by

Linda Mork
Reference Outreach & Instruction Librarian