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Join us as we go through the free, self-paced Media Landscapes: 23 Things curriculum this summer! You can start at the beginning, or hop on any time. This week, we are on Thing 9: Logical Fallacies. Note: This is our last Thing until the campaign resumes next month.

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Ad hominem attacks, loaded questions, and slippery slopes are all examples of logical fallacies, or errors in reasoning. Logical fallacies are everywhere, they can be made deliberately or accidentally, and they are all aimed at introducing doubt to win an argument. 

This Thing will help you understand what a logical fallacy is, the different types of fallacies you may encounter, and how they can affect our media browsing, information gathering, and even our understanding of the truth. With a little knowledge and awareness, you will be able to quickly identify faulty reasoning and avoid getting fooled.

Congratulations to those of you who have completed all 9 Things in our summer curriculum! Please stay tuned for more Things as the Media Landscapes campaign starts up again next month with the following events:

Written by

Linda Mork
Reference Outreach & Instruction Librarian

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